Our clients


Topsport NOORD

Topsport NOORD is dedicated to giving talents and top athletes in the best possible guidance and support. Ollinspire put a light on the services that Topsport Noord has to offer and interviewed the athletes about their experiences with these services. They explain how it impact their sports careers.




The Netherlands has a broad offer for wintersports facilities. The Dutch Ski Association (NSkiV) is responsible for the promotion and support hereof. Ollinspire was present during two of their events, the Para Snow Day and the Paralympic Experience Day. Both events aimed at the possibilities of practising sports in the snow with a disability.


Dutch Gymnastics 

The Royal Dutch Gymnastics Association (KNGU) offers educational programmes to coaches in gymnastics. Degrees can be obtained at any possible level, from recreational to top-level. Ollinspire interviewed a coach about what she has learned during her education and how she is currently applying this knowledge during her training sessions.   


Paralympic Games

During the Paralympic Games of PyeongChang 2018 we were looking for some impressions about what was going on behind the scenes. Every athlete follows their own unique path towards the top. Passion, determination and the support of their coaches, family, friends, volunteers and others play a crucial role in the process. Ollinspire captured their stories.


La BB Lodge

Ollinspire’s team traveled to Praz sur Arly in France, a perfect place to enjoy an active break in an astonishing environment. The BB Lodge is situated in the mountains, just across the ski lift. In summertime it’s a beautiful place to go hiking, mountainbiking or to sunbathe on the terrace. Ollinspire made promotional images and videomaterial for  BB Lodge’s (potential) clients.


Zwaan Bikes Rotterdam

To promote the cycling products of Zwaan Bikes Rotterdam, Ollinspire captured its travel adventures with the Brompton Bicycle, one of Zwaan Bikes’ top notch products. In our travel stories you’ll find tips and tricks about how to discover a new place and culture in an active way.


Terschelling Recreatie

For Terschelling Recreatie, Ollinspire sailed out to the Frisian island Terschelling (Wadden) and illustrated how to combine an active getaway with a stay in one of the centrally located holiday resorts.