Our team

Teamwork makes the dream work


Nina Oosterloo

As a gymnast I have been lucky to experience how much a sport can give you. Fun, friends, persistence and a healthy lifestyle. This has been my motivation and drive for Ollinspire. Thanks to my job in sports and my visits to the Olympics and Paralympics I have been able to meet a lot of inspiring athletes. I was also able to observe various innovative sports activities. Not only me, but a lot of other people could be inspired by this. Ollinspire was founded  for those who want to share similar stories, but don’t have the means or time to do so. Let us share your passion!


Lydia Annema

As a photographer I am mainly inspired by the emotions that people express when they bring their passion to life. Sports has always been an important topic in my life. As a gymnast and dancer I was able to gather a lot of experiences over the years. Even after that, during my studies and later on as a photographer in the world of sports, I have been lucky to pursue this experience. To me, sports and being active are an inspiration to life, a dream, a goal or simply fun and that is what matters!


Sofieke Nout

I share two real passions: languages and sports. Therefore, Ollinspire offers a unique platform where I have the pleasure to combine both. I have played tennis basically my whole life and until today I still love to deliver the best performance both individually and in a team. Nowadays I don’t play as much as I used to, but since I can’t live without sports I combine my trainings with fitness or -this I started recently- kitesurfing, thanks to my boyfriend who is a dedicated wind- and kitesurfer. To perform, improve, challenge and explore by means of persistence, strategy, technique and patience are the best feelings in the world to me. Moreover, writing about it is the icing on the cake!