South-Korea and its diversity

by | Mar 9, 2019 | Lifestyle

Last year, I was lucky to be able to create content during the Paralympic Games. It was the ultimate opportunity to also get to know the South-Korean culture. On the road to PyeongChang 2018 I first went on an exploratory trip to Seoul and the coastal town of Gangneung.


During the Winter Games it became yet again clear that sports have the power to connect. After a warm welcome by the volunteers at the airport, it was time to start exploring the city. There is a beautiful cycling path parallel along the Hangang(river) and there are places where you can ride along with the traffic on the side of the road. When it gets too crowded, you can choose the subway as an alternative form of transportation. The abundance of temples, parks and buildings give a good impression of the city.


The high speed train KTX (especially constructed for the Games) made sure there was an optimal connection between Seoul and the East coast of South-Korea. My bike fit perfectly in the luggage racks of the train, so I could transport it without a problem. Once I got to Gangneung, it was a great experience to bike along the boulevard, as I was treated with the sight of local fishermen at work, a ‘fire art’ show on the beach and the proximity of the stormy waves of the rough sea.


Lastly, the mountains and snow were also part of the diversity of South-Korea. Before my arrival it had already snowed quite heavily, but the roads had been cleared. Nevertheless, thanks to my bike I was still able to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery and its breathtaking views. Apart from that, during the Games, for me it was the ideal solution to be able to move around in PyeongChang. In short, my Brompton-adventure in South-Korea could be described as the perfect combination of experiencing sports, getting introduced to a new culture and enjoying an active way of travelling.


Pictures by Fotografie Lydia