Feel the Hoop Vibes!

Dec 23, 2018 | Sports stories

Hula hooping is not only a children’s game: Wouldn’t everyone love to circle a hula-hoop around their waist?

The first one to agree would be Juliette, who decided to give up her job as an Event Manager to become a full time hula-hoop teacher. She now visits festivals, birthday parties, schools, gyms and public parks and she teaches students of all ages. Juliette’s passion arose from her dedication to classical ballet. She explains: ‘My grandmother used to be a ballet dancer, she had her own ballet academy and was my greatest inspiration. I used to practice hours and hours in front of a mirror and would never get tired.’ Unfortunately, after she fell on her knee, Juliette was no longer able to dance intensively and she was forced to leave her love for ballet behind.

Her passion for dancing was brought back to life when she met a hula-hoop teacher: ‘The first class I followed was overwhelming, everything went flawless!’ Thanks to her background in ballet, in “hooping” she found the perfect balance between movement and control over body and material. The best thing about it, is that she discovered a new passion: teaching. Juliette obtained her certificate and founded Juul’s Hoop Vibes shortly after that: ‘Hoop Vibes offers hula-hoop courses, but also has a web shop hoepelkopen.nl, where you can order your own, personalized hula-hoop. Furthermore, I organize workshops and teambuilding events and I have recently started giving “led-hoop shows” as well.’

Last year, Juliette’s hard work was rewarded with a nomination for the
Aardig Onderwerg Award (Dutch award for upcoming artists) in the category Art, Culture and Sports. Her students appreciate her dedication more than anyone else. Michelle: ‘I love to dance and to get out of my comfort-zone at the same time. Juliette teaches us to use your whole body instead of only focusing on the waist. We work on balance, coordination and rhythm and the atmosphere is the best!’

Dutch story: Feel the Hoop Vibes!