Cycling around the island Terschelling

by | Jul 13, 2019 | Uncategorized

Last summer, I decided to explore the island life in my own country. Instead of having my Brompton-bike in the luggage compartment of an airplane, this time I took it with me on the ferry from Harlingen to Terschelling. For those looking for an active break whilst enjoying the beauty of the Netherlands, a trip to this Frisian island is really recommended.


The ferry moors in the village of West-Terschelling and this is where I spent the night during my stay. A nice location, because it has panoramic views over the island and its famous lighthouse (The Brandaris) from the dunes.

On the second day after my arrival, I started off with the 30 km cycle route displayed below. The cycling paths parallel to the coastline take you along beautiful spots of the island and along the way you can enjoy the typical Dutch landscape.


At the end of the path, as I had just passed the small town of Oosterend, I crossed the island towards the North Sea coast. Once you get to the beach, the Heartbreak Hotel is the ideal spot for a relaxing beach break.

On the way back I took the path through the forest and heathland, which takes you through the small villages of Hoorn and Midsland. When I got back to my starting point, West-Terschelling, of course a visit to the oldest lighthouse of the Netherlands could not be missed. It was a perfect ending of this cycle tour. In The Netherlands, where cycling is a common good, this bike trip is something you should definitely do. Go and enjoy the lifestyle on the Wadden islands!

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