Brompton: How it all started

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

I love sports and travelling. I mostly enjoy discovering new places in an active way. As soon as I arrive in a new place or city, I always search for a bike rental. The freedom I experience on the bike in the fresh air definitely outweighs the speed of a car or subway.

Unfortunately, moving around by bike is not that common everywhere. Hence, I have experienced quite a few challenges finding a rental bike in some cities. For example, in Seoul the bike rental-shop was closed during the winter season. A pity, because there were beautiful and sunny days during my stay in winter time! Moreover, how nice would it be to be able to jump on a bike after a long trip and buy some fruits at the local market?

I found the solution with Brompton Bicycle. The bike design is small and compact, it fits in a suitcase and it can be checked in as “ordinary” luggage at the airport. This allows me to take my bike with me wherever I go. Not only by plane, but also by car or public transport. This really corresponds with my active lifestyle.

Now, one year later, I discovered more than 20 cities in six different countries on my Brompton-bike. It’s time to share my experiences. Everyone should allow themselves to travel in such an active and easy way as I do. In my stories I will tell you all about the cities that I’ve seen. Wanna travel along with me?

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