Bicycle vibes in Mexico City

Feb 17, 2019 | Lifestyle

Mexico City has an astonishing rate of 22 million inhabitants. Nearly everyone uses the car or public transport to get from one point to another, while in The Netherlands it’s the most natural thing in the world to take the bike. Even the infrastructure is especially adapted to and for cyclists. The spacious cycle tracks lead you easily and safely to your destination. Could this be the future for Mexico City? I visited this city and explored it with my Brompton bike to find out for myself.

Considering the chaos of the traffic in this huge capital, I completely understand why Mexicans prefer not to use the bike. It’s an absolute challenge to be able to maneuver between all the cars. Fortunately, there have been introduced several initiatives to make cycling more accesible; cycling tracks are in expansion and every Sunday there are special car-free zones. This way, Mexicans tend to take their bikes out for a ride a little bit more often.

My adventure on the Brompton has taken me to the best must see’s of the city within no time. Moreover, this way of sightseeing takes you closer to a culture and its people. Real highlights are for instance El Zocalo, Plaza del Ángel and the numerous amount of taco bars. I was lucky to be in company of a local guide who showed me around the hotspots in a quick and comfortable way. In places like Mexico City, it’s really recommendable to get in touch with local cycling enthusiasts or groups, such as Humans on Bikes, to secure a safe and comfortable bike tour around the city.

Enjoy the ride!