Arly Velasquez: ‘Follow your passion’

Mar 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

Arly Velasquez (professional monoskier and Paralympic athlete) is ambassador of Proud Paralympian, a program developed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). This program helps to empower athletes during and after their sporting career. The IPC emphasizes that achievements in sports redefine the limits of what’s possible; a statement that couldn’t apply more to Arly’s personal story

Physical commitment
Proud Paralympic athletes won’t let their impairment stop them from achieving the best result – an inspiration for a better world. Arly for instance is a public speaker for companies and schools. A topic that he likes to talk about is the physical commitment: “Being a professional athlete involves a balanced training program and a lot of care for the body. Among sports professionals this is an unwritten rule. Take a moment to think of what may help and challenge you to feel comfortable within your own skin.”

An indispensable element for good results is nutrition. Arly: “Everyone should take the time to get the supplies that one needs on a daily basis. It provides you with energy and you feel much more productive. When I travel, I make sure I take all the necessary ingredients for a complete nutritional meal without having to rely on a take-away.” He shows that no matter where you go, you can always take the supplements and vitamins you need. Inspired by David Wolfe (American author and promoter of pseudoscience) he even takes the ‘nutribullet’ with him: “I begin my day with a shake of fruits, ginger and superfoods. It gives you a boost and definitely cuts out the need for coffee in the morning.”

Photography and film
Arly is determined about his professional future after skiing: “I studied film direction in Buenos Aires, but didn’t have the chance to finish my degree. I took the decision to focus fully on my sports career, but at the same time this has provided me with new possibilities to follow my passion for photography and film. Monoskiing is relatively unknown. I would love to help other athletes to be in the spotlights in order to create more awareness and possibilities.”

Share your story
A first step towards this goal has been made by creating the
Road to PyeongChang. Friend and film director Romarico Cibrian captured his competitions and trainings in preparation to the Paralympics and followed him to PyeongChang to document his achievements. The end result was a beautiful impression of all the aspects of being a top athlete; from logistics to stamina and individual dedication. Arly continues: “I’ve already been lucky enough to work together with brands like The North Face, Toyota and Samsung. In the future I would also like to play part in making these collaborations possible for other athletes as well.” Recently they created 10 vlogs about the World Championship 2019. Follow Arly Velasquez and get inspired!